Posted by Rack Attack on 05-01-2021 under Rack Attack News
Rack Attack Acquires Rack Outfitters, Its First Store in Austin, Texas

Rack Attack Acquires Rack Outfitters, Its First Store in Austin, Texas

Rack Attack, a North American premier retailer of vehicle rack solutions with 21 stores across the US and Canada, has acquired Rack Outfitters located in Austin, Texas. The acquisition signals an expansion into a new US market for Rack Attack. The Texas store joined the Rack Attack family on May 1, 2021.

Rack Outfitters has established itself in the Austin market with a strong ecommerce presence and developed an industry-leading YouTube channel. Rack Attack will continue to operate the additional ecommerce website under Rack Outfitters and will focus investment into weekly video content creation. Now more than ever, customers are searching online to shop, and brands are looking for ways to engage with customers. YouTube provides a unique opportunity for Rack Attack to service customers on a new platform and grow its community.

"We are excited to bring Rack Outfitters into the Rack Attack family. Our position as the leading rack retailer with extensive market knowledge and rack expertise will help us grow in the new Austin market. Rack Outfitters offers a strong online business and YouTube presence, which we will continue to invest in,” says Alex Welbers, CEO, Rack Attack.

The current Rack Outfitters 6150 sq ft space will showcase our preferred vendors, similar to our other 20 Rack Attack locations, and will offer visitors the ability to explore and build awareness of newer categories like Overland and e-bike racks. Austin has a large outdoor and recreational community that aligns with where Rack Attack wants to be.

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