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How to Store Your Bikes and Racks during Winter

How to Store Your Bikes and Racks during Winter

With the colder months approaching, it might be time to hang up your downhill bike and pick up your skis. While your bike may not be getting the same action as it was before, don’t shun it to a dark corner to collect spider webs. There are plenty of options to store your bike and rack efficiently at home.

For your Bike

Every year there seem to be more and more ways for people to store their bikes in their homes or garages. What the real issue is, is determining which style is the best for your needs. While some people can get away with drilling holes in their walls and stacking their bikes vertically, others may not have the same luxury. Lucky enough, there are options for both scenarios.

No wall necessary

Both Thule and Swagman offer an option that gives you easy storage for two bikes and doesn't require screwing any holes or marking up any walls.

BSTK2 Bike Stacker

Thule offers the “BSTK2 Bike Stacker” to store up to two bikes within your home. Each arm can move independently, which allows you to adjust to any size bike. Its steel construction with rubber holders securely holds your bike without damaging your bikes’ frame.

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker
Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker Alternate Image Thumbnail
Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker Alternate Image Thumbnail

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker

Thule's BSTK2 Bike Stacker to store two bikes in your home or garage. It features independent adjustment arms so you can choose the level and height for each bike. Steel construction and soft rubber bike holders securely support bikes.

Swagman Hang It

Swagman offers the “Hang It”. Using tension between the floor and ceiling, the “Hang It” can expand up to 9 feet to fit most rooms. You can set the bike hooks at various heights and angles to hold almost any size or style of bike. 

Available in-store only

Rack Expert Opinion

Both of these options are great when you have to worry about your walls. If you can tension the rack between the floor and ceiling, the “Hang It” is the way to go. Its rotating arms are better to fit a wider variety of bikes, and its overall size is much smaller than the “Thule Stacker,” making it much less intrusive in your space.

In-wall solutions


Steadyrack is alone at the top of the game when it comes to wall solutions. While families have spent countless hours struggling to hang their bikes off of tiny hooks, Steadyrack has reinvented the wheel. Their new system can store your bike without needing to lift it off the ground. With an easy “roll-on” technique, you only need to get your bike up onto one wheel. The design also allows you to swivel your bike to the side to create a much smaller profile.

With four different variations, Steadyrack is ready for any type of bike you may throw at it.

When it comes down to choosing which rack is best for you, it really comes down to what style of bike you are looking to store:

  • The Classic Rack is Steadyrack’s original design and can fit almost any bike as long as its tire is less than 2.1 inches.
  • If your tires are larger than that, there are two options for you. If it's between 2.1 to 2.8, then the Mountain Bike Rack is your best solution.
  • If you are rolling with a fat tire bike, then the fat tire rack is the one for you. With the capacity for 5” tires and 35 kg, it can hold almost any bike out there.
  • Last but not least, Steadyrack has a fender rack, featuring a minimal front arm; this rack can accommodate bikes with fenders or mudguards.

Steadyrack Bike Hanger

Store your bicycle vertically and swivel nearly 180 degrees to either side to save additional space. The Steadyrack Classic Rack is easy to use and install, with no heavy lifting.

FROM: $89.99

Rack Expert Opinion

When it comes to overall storage techniques, systems like Steadyracks take up the least amount of space - with or without bikes. It is also the most effortless storage solution, as you don’t need to worry about frame contact and mount the rack directly to your tire.

For your rack

With your bike rack off and your ski rack on, don’t leave your bike rack resting on the ground as a tripping hazard or picking up scratches. With these solutions, you can safely and securely keep your rack hanging on your wall and out of the way.

Kuat RackDock

Coming in Orange and Black, the rack dock offers a solution for both your 2- and 1¼-inch bike racks. The rack dock easily mounts into a stud and can support up to 100 lbs, supporting any brand rack on the market. The RackDock also looks the best; the subtle aluminum body isn’t an eyesore in your room when not in use.

Kuat RackDock Bike Rack

The RackDock from Küat. A sophisticated solution for storing your hitch rack. With easy wall installation and the ability to hold a 4-bike rack. This little guy will be your new best friend.

FROM: $89.00


Swagman X Mount

The “Swagman X mount” is the smallest option and offers storage for both your 2- and 1¼-inch rack, and it folds flat against the wall when not in use. It features an easy-to-follow installation guide, and you can install it in minutes. 

Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand
Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand Alternate Image Thumbnail
Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand Alternate Image Thumbnail
Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand Alternate Image Thumbnail

Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand

The Swagman X Mount Wall Mount Bike Rack Stand is a simple hitch mount bike rack storage solution to help keep your garage or basement in order. Fits 1.25" and 2" receiver style racks.

This is just a quick highlight of some of our storage solutions. We have plenty more options out there, from ways to keep your cargo box out of your way to storing your skis in a minimal fashion. If you would like to explore more of these solutions, or if you have any questions, reach out to us by either callingmessaging us, or swinging by your nearest location where you can see these products first hand.