The Thule 9003 Raceway Platform has been replaced by the Thule 9003PRO Raceway Pro Platform
Thule 9003PRO Raceway Pro Platform

Thule 9003PRO Raceway Pro Platform

The Thule 9003PRO Raceway Pro Platform is a revolutionary rear mounted platform rack designed for maximum strength, security and ease of use. New PRO version features enhanced security covers over the SureTight cables.

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Thule 9003 Raceway Platform

Thule 9003 Raceway Platform
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Rating of 3.3/5 on 4 reviews
Product Code: 109003
Status: Discontinued
"The folks at Rack Attack are true experts in this category."
- Fred Clark, CEO Thule
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The Thule 9003 Raceway Platform offers reliable bike tranportation, high strength cable attachments and narrow cradle arms. Patented No-Sway cage for added support and molded rubber pads all combined for added protection and support.


  • Durable molded construction for secure bike transport
  • High strength cable attachments for a more stable hold to the vehicle
  • Quick and easy mounting with patented FitDial and oversized ratcheting knobs
  • Narrow cradle arms hold bike frames including smaller children's bikes and fold when not in use
  • Tray mount design allows for fast, easy lower bike loading
  • Patented No-Sway Cage to prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • Molded rubber pads for protection of trunk and hatch on vehicle
  • Locking frame clamps to secure bikes onto rack


Weight: 36lbs

Length (carton): 42.75"

Width (carton): 27.75"

Height (carton): 10.5"

UPC: 091021900394

Manufacturer: Thule

Manufacturer Part Number: 9003

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Thule Warranty

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I did like my bike rack until one of the arm broke and they do not have a replacement for it. I am not to happy about the weight of it. If anyone reading my comments can help with the replacements parts I greatly appreciate it. So you basically you have to buy a whole new rack to replace the arms


Hola Michael,many thanks for your cmetmnos and please except my apologies. Those multi million dollar fat cats can't touch guys like you and me! Here's to dancin on the deck in the land of Auss in the future! shivering @ -20C but still grilled to obsession Michael

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We recently purchased our 9003 Thule bike rack and are very pleased with it. We have just driven 1300 miles with it on our Ford Escape and did not have a single a problem. The rack and bikes were very stable; the bikes loaded and unloaded very easily. I very dutifully cleaned the surfaces especially after driving on some gravel roads, and not a single scratch. There are only two slight negatives: (1) Rather expensive, but this is one time we got what we paid for; and (2) at 36 pounds it is rather heavy; however, the bikes load and unload so easily that it more than evens out. Very pleased!

2009 Ford Escape


Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-888-440-5556

The best way to carry bikes on a vehicle will always be using a trailer hitch rack. If your vehicle has a hitch go with that, if not we suggest getting one installed (and we do that in all of our 11 locations!) Trunk mount bike racks are an affordable option best for short trips, but they can be finicky, and any accessory mounting directly against your vehicle's paint will risk scratching.

The materials we use on the points that contact your vehicle are made of soft rubber or foam. As long as your vehicle is clean, and the rack pads and feet are clean you shouldn't have a problem.

We do not recommend opening the trunk of any vehicle while a trunk rack is installed.

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