The Saris Bones RS Black has been replaced by the Saris SUPERBones 3 Bike
Saris SUPERBones 3 Bike


The SUPERBones is the flagship trunk mount bike rack from Saris, making it one of the most reliable and versatile trunk mount bike racks available today.

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Saris Bones RS Black

Saris Bones RS Black
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Product Code: 300851B

Status: Discontinued
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The genius behind this product lies in the design; the Saris Bones RS Black eliminates the need for straps with rubber coated ratcheting technology. The Bones RS Black will carry up to three bikes, with anti-sway keeping your bikes safe and sound.


  • Ratcheting System eliminates straps and fits a wide range of vehicles, from sedans, to mini-vans
  • For specific vehicle fit information, please visit the Saris website,, otherwise include your vehicle make, model, and year in your order
  • Rubber-coated clips and steel-belted bands secure the rack to your vehicle
  • Pivoting anti-sways and hold-downs easily adjust to secure your vehicle
  • Integrated locking system adds security
  • Easy to load up to 3 bikes
  • Designed for a family of bikes - from the smallest to the biggest


Weight: 23lbs

Length (carton): 29"

Width (carton): 23"

Height (carton): 10"

UPC: 012527009886

Manufacturer: Saris

Manufacturer Part Number: 851BL

Saris Warranty

Saris warranty information

Saris Warranty

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This rack looks great, fits like a glove on my Mazda3, and is too easy to put on. It literally takes 10 seconds to put on and about 5 seconds to take off. The locking feature is great as well.


This Saris rack fits the back of our 2013 Subaru Outback perfectly. It doesn't go near the back door glass window either. So secure on the car we can't believe it- a brilliant design. Easy to take off and on. Worth every penny


We love how easy the Bones RS is to install on our car-only 2 straps to contend with. It installs in minutes without the frustration of multiple straps for attaching to your car-well worth the extra money if you can afford it. We would like to see a stronger locking system for the rack onto a car as other people have mentioned but it is not a deal breaker. That is why we rate it 4 stars vs. 5 stars. The rachet system to tighten the straps onto a car works easily and holds well so far. And we love the added bonus of buying and supporting an independent local business as we live in Wisconsin. We highly recommend the Bones RS.


I bought this rack from Saris and think it's the best thing on the market. Very easy to take on and off and the ratchet system is great. After a year of use, one of the ratchets on my rack took a little bit of elbow grease to detach. So I called customer service and they were incredible. They replaced the part for me and were very responsive and understanding. Great products and great customer service. I put them up with Bose in those categories.


It was easy to install, I liked the fact that it was lockable and had metal straps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for this product. If you need more assistance you can email a rack-install technician, or call us at: 1-888-440-5556

We do not recommend opening the trunk of any vehicle while a trunk rack is installed.

Hatch Huggers are an accessory used on our trunk racks. They are required for some cars that have glass hinge lines (such as on some hatchbacks).

The materials we use on the points that contact your vehicle are made of soft rubber or foam. As long as your vehicle is clean, and the rack pads and feet are clean you shouldn't have a problem.

The best way to carry bikes on a vehicle will always be using a trailer hitch rack. If your vehicle has a hitch go with that, if not we suggest getting one installed (and we do that in all of our 11 locations!) Trunk mount bike racks are an affordable option best for short trips, but they can be finicky, and any accessory mounting directly against your vehicle's paint will risk scratching.

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