The Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on has been replaced by the Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on Black
Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on Black

Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on Black

The Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on Black is a handy extension that doubles the carrying capacity of the HoldUp 2-inch from 2 to 4 bikes for some serious outdoor fun. The HoldUp Plus 2 will only fit the 2" HoldUp and will NOT fit the 1.25" Hold

Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on

Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 Add-on
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Product Code: 202435

Status: Discontinued
"Unparalleled service, expert advice, and professional installation."
- Ryan D. Martin CEO Yakima
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The Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 is a handy add-on that doubles the capacity of your existing Yakima HoldUp 2 Inch from two bikes to four bikes, perfect for quadruplets on a family outing. Note the Yakima HoldUp Plus 2 does not work with the 1 1/4" model.


  • Only attaches to Yakima HoldUp 2 Inch, sold separately
  • Increases bike capacity of existing rack from two to four bikes
  • Low loading zone means less bike lifting
  • Premium Pin Release enables tray to fold up when not in use
  • Arms fold down flat onto the platform
  • Tray tilts down for easier rear-of-vehicle access
  • Carries different bike styles and sizes simultaneously
  • Best-in-class wheel straps
  • New RocSteady hitch tongue for greater stability
  • Integrated bottle opener
  • Need a receiver hitch? Try our Curt Hitch Finder (US Customers Only)


Weight: 60lbs

Length (carton): 40.5"

Width (carton): 13"

Height (carton): 12.5"

UPC: 736745024352

Manufacturer: Yakima

Manufacturer Part Number: 8002435

Yakima Warranty and Registration

Yakima warranty and product registration.

Yakima Warranty and Registration

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