Thule Kayak Racks

Thule Kayak Racks provide a way to transport your kayak(s) from storage to the shore. We carry a full range of Kayak Racks for all of your needs. No matter if you have just one boat, or a bunch, or if you need help loading your kayak on your roof alone, we have the Kayak Rack solution for you.

Thule 838 Hull-a-Port Aero

The Thule 838 Hull-a-Port Aero is a premium vertical kayak carrier that folds down with one hand for aerodynamic efficiency and has universal roof rack system compatibility. Fits Thule square bars, round bars, and most factory racks out of the box.

Thule 898 Hullavator Pro

The Thule 898 Hullavator Pro is the ultra premium lift assist carrier that reduces up to 40lbs of a kayak's weight and allows side of vehicle loading, unloading and strapping. New Pro model now holds up to 36" wide hulls.

Thule 835PRO Hull-a-port Pro

The Thule 835PRO Hull-a-port Pro is built to carry kayaks of all shapes and sizes, and now includes the convenience of folding down. The Thule 835PRO Hullaport Pro fits Thule square bars, Yakima bars, and most factory installed bars out of the box.

Thule 887XT Slipstream

The Thule 887XT Slipstream is a premium load-assist carrier that supports up to 50% of your kayak's weight while ensuring there is no contact made with the vehicle. The Thule 887XT Slipstream fits most kayak sizes and shape for safe transportation.

Thule 883 Glide and Set

The Thule 883 Glide & Set kayak racks are the slickest and easiest way to load your kayak mated to the best fitting saddle carrier. This system is a complete set for carrying one kayak. Includes one pair of 875XT Hydro-Glide saddles (for the rear)

Thule 834 Hull-a-port

The Thule 834 Hull-a-port is a standard J-style cradle that delivers superior carrying performance and protection with its 4-touchpoint adjustable padding and rust resistant steel design.

Thule 881 Top Deck Kayak Carrier

The Thule 881 Top Deck kayak rack offers a great alternative to full featured kayak saddles. The Thule 881 Top Deck is a complete kayak carrier system that includes everything needed to transport a kayak safely and securely - at an economical price.

Thule 830 Stacker

The Thule 830 Stacker kayak racks carry up to four kayaks and are the most efficient way to carry multiple whitewater kayaks. The Thule Stacker can be mounted directly on Thule load bars, Yakima round bars and most factory installed crossbars.

Thule 884 Roll Model

The Thule 884 Roll Model is a load-assist carrier that centers and guides the kayak for easier loading and unloading. The Thule 884 Roll Model combines all the benefits of the Glide and Set saddles with the Roller Coaster, kayak carrying is a cinch.

Thule 847 Outrigger II

The Thule 847 Outrigger II Lift Assist replaces the discontinued Thule 547 Outrigger. A brand new design that makes it even easier to load and unload boats alone. Great for the lone paddler, the extension bar provides the extra hand when loading.

Thule 875XT Hydro Glide Saddle

The Thule 875xt Hydro Glide Saddle kayak rack is the slickest and easiest way to load a kayak. Sold as one pair for attaching to rear load bar. Must be used with a pair of the 878xt Set-to-Go Saddle Carriers on front load bar, not included

Thule 878XT Set-to-Go Saddle

Thule 878XT Set-to-Go Saddle kayak rack is the most adaptable watersport saddle available. Provides the perfect combination of boat hull conformance and lateral stability. Attach two pairs to make a complete set.