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Whispbar Rack Categories

Whispbar Base Roof Rack Systems - View Category

Whispbar base roof rack systems are the quietest we have seen - and the easiest to install. Another benefit is their 'Smartfoot' technology, which allows your base roof rack system to be used on another vehicle by only changing the 'Smartfoot' - reducing your cost of ownership.

Whispbar Fit Kits - View Category

The fit kit is used to attach the base rack to your vehicle's bare roof. Use the fit guide to determine which fit kit is required.

Whispbar For Bare Roof - View Category

This system is designed for vehicles with a bare roof. It is available in both the through bar (shown), and flush bar versions, and will require a vehicle-specific fit kit.

Whispbar For Factory Rails - View Category

This system is designed to work with your vehicle's factory raised rail. Both flush mount (pictured) and through bar options are available, and may require a vehicle-specific fit kit.

Whispbar Ski and Snowboard Racks - View Category

Whispbar Ski and Snowboard Racks are essential for carrying multiple pairs of skis or snowboards up to the mountain. Travel to the mountain in style with these high quality carriers built by Yakima.

Whispbar Roof Mount Bike Racks - View Category

Whispbar roof mount bike racks are the ultimate way to carry your bicycle on your roof rack. Built from tough aluminium and with integrated locks they just don't let go of your bike and make getting there a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Whispbar Cargo Boxes - View Category

Whispbar Cargo Boxes are cargo solutions with premium finishes and aerodynamic performance that complement even the world's most luxurious vehicles.

Whispbar Kayak Racks - View Category

Whispbar Kayak Racks are the ultimate way to carry your canoe or kayak on your roof rack. Transporting your boat to where you're going is so simple; just load the boat onto the roof and strap it down with the tie downs supplied and you're in business.

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