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Thule Base Roof Rack Systems

Thule Base Roof Rack Systems are the perfect multipurpose addition to any vehicle. Thule Base Roof Rack Systems are the strongest and best fitting Rack system on the market with a classic square load bar and a maximum load capacity of 165 lbs!

Thule Without Rain Gutter Foot Packs - View Category

Thule Without Rain Gutter Foot Packs provide easy installation with a patented tool free design. The Thule Aero Foot design is long lasting, and made with a corrosion resistant galvanized steel construction while supporting up to 165lbs.

Thule Rain Gutter Foot Packs - View Category

Thule Rain Gutter Foot Packs are the base rack system solution to vehicles with rain gutters. The Thule Rain Gutter Foot's, secure design fits on even a very narrow gutter and includes a vibration-damping anti-slip vinyl coating.

Thule Factory Mount Foot Packs - View Category

Thule Factory Mount Foot Packs are designed to extend the capabilities of your factory installed roof rack; the Thule Crossroad model turns factory installed side-rails in to a multipurpose rack system that can support up to 200 lbs of weight.

Thule Specialty Base Racks - View Category

Thule Specialty Base Racks provide fast installation and a solid fit for certain vehicles not accommodated by the other Thule Racks. Thule Specialty Base Racks are vehicle specific and vary in capacity.

Thule Permanent Base Racks - View Category

Thule Permanent Base Racks offer a solution for vehicles without a way to mount a roof rack or for the rack enthusiast that wants a permanent solution. Common applications for Thule Permanent Base Racks are truck canopies and campers.

Thule Fit Kits - View Category

Thule Fit Kits, sold as a set of either 2 or 4, are designed to fasten to the Thule Foot Pack to the roof of your vehicle. Each Thule Fit Kit is specific to a vehicle model. To quickly find the Thule Fit Kit you are looking for, please enter the fit kit number into the search box at the top of our website.

Thule Load Bars - View Category

Thule Load Bars are classic square load bars available in a variety of lengths to deliver maximum load capacity. Thule Load Bars are strong and corrosion resistant because they are made from galvanized steel construction.

Thule Fairings - View Category

Thule Fairings add a great finished look to any vehicle's Thule Base Rack System, while providing the functionality of reduced wind noise and drag. Thule Fairings come equipped to protect your vehicles finish as well.

Thule Clamps and Adapters - View Category

Thule Clamps and Adapters set the standard in speed when mounting Thule Carriers to multipurpose or factory racks. Thule Clamps and Adapters fit a wide range of racks.

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