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Rack Accessories and Rack Locks are a near necessity in order to get the most out of any rack solution. Most rack and carriers come with built in locking capability and with the simple purchase of lock cores/cylinders, a cable lock, or a locking hitch pin you can deter would be thieves to go elsewhere. There are a multitude of accessories available to help extend the intended functionality, make it easier to use, or to help organize its contents.


Locks provide the element of security to almost any existing rack system or carrier. They are the optional add-on component that allow you to leave both your rack and your gear unattended on your vehicle. Lock Cylinders made by either Thule or Yakima, fit all of their lockable components and can be purchased in various quantities with the added feature that all locks can be opened with the exact same key. Cable Locks are available from both Thule and Yakima and can be used to lock larger items to your rack like kayaks or canoe. They can also be wrapped around hitch mounted bike racks for that added bit of security. Locking Hitch Pins serve two main purposes, they lock your hitch mounted rack to your vehicle's receiver hitch and they help stabilize the mast to help eliminate wobble.

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When given the choice, why not make your life a whole lot easier and accessories do just that. They include everything from organizers to stabilizers to replacement parts and even stylizing features.

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A little organization can go a long way; Yakima has developed a complete line of accessories specifically to integrate with your Yakima Cargo Box. These accessories include cargo lights, cargo mats, and an elastic cargo net to hold things in place. It you are growing a little tired of your plain Jane roof rack, check out some of the custom end caps that can make you stand out in a crowd. We have also taken the time to post some of our most popular Yakima Replacement Parts such as wheel straps, chain straps, and end caps as it never hurts to have some extras around.

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Can't reach the top of your tall SUV? Want to take your bicycle on the airplane without totally destroying it? Thule has pulled out all the stops with their diverse line of Rack Accessories. Thule has even gone so far as to give you a place to store your Thule Cargo Box up and out of the way when it is not in use. We have also made available some of our most popular Thule Replacement Parts such as replacement wheel straps and replacement end caps.

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