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Kayak Racks are a must when carrying a kayak on or behind your vehicle. You will not run the risk of ruining your car or ruining your kayak, and with innovative products to help you load and unload the boat, getting to the water and enjoying the day will be a breeze. Whether it is a rack for recreational kayaks, whitewater kayaks, or touring kayaks, Rack Attack sells Thule and Yakima Kayak Racks to suit your individual taste.

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Roof Mounted Kayak Racks REQUIRE that you already have a roof rack system in place, either from the manufacturer of your vehicle, or if your vehicle roof is bare, one of our multipurpose base rack systems. To see what multipurpose base roof rack system options are available for your vehicle, check one of our Automated Roof Rack Fit Guides.

The next step is finding the right kayak rack to best suit your needs. Kayak Racks are best categorized by the style in which they carry your boat.

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Horizontal Kayak Racks lay your boat flat on its belly. This style of carriers offer the most surface area contact to your boats hull and can be adjusted so as to fit a wide range of boats. Horizontal Kayak Racks are easy to load and unload and transport your boat in a safe, sturdy, and stylish fashion. They also feature minimal wind resistance and utilize the aerodynamics of your kayak to reduce fuel consumption. Higher end models of Horizontal Kayak Racks are engineered to assist you in loading your boat on and off your vehicle's roof. The number of boats you can carry is limited by the width of your vehicle's roof and essentially the size of your crossbars. Pay attention to the model that you select as some are sold in pairs, which is only enough to carry the front or the back of the boat. This means you can combine them with another pair of the same product, or a different pair of a different product.


J-Style Kayak Racks or j-cradles, are the world's most popular kayak racks and have the convenience of folding down when they are not in use. Sitting your boat on a 45 degree angle creates more room on your crossbars so that you can transport other water toys. J-Style Kayak Racks allow you to load your boat from the side of the vehicle or from the back. They also feature locking capabilities so you can lock your boat to your rack and your rack to your vehicle with the purchase of locking accessories.


Vertical Kayak Racks or kayak posts, allow maximum boat capacity by stacking your boats vertically on their sides. Their on/off hardware allows rapid installation and removal, and there is no adjustment ever needed. Simply lift the kayak and place it against the post or against the neighboring kayak. Vertical Kayak Racks will hold up to 4 kayaks at a time.


For vehicles that do not have a long enough roofline to support a kayak rack, Hitch Mount Kayak Racks create a rear mounted load bar on vehicles equipped with a two inch hitch receiver. Their telescopic design makes height adjustment easy, and the hitch stays tightly secured with an anti-wobble feature. To complete the system, you are also required to purchase a pair of Horizontal Kayak Racks mentioned above as this simply comes with the bar on which to attach them. Hitch Mount Kayak Racks are the perfect solution if you have a pick-up truck.


Unless you live on the water, you will need a roof rack to transport your kayak to and from your destination. Thule gives you a wide variety of choices to fit your budget and style. When transporting your boats, always use bow and stern ties to ensure your kayak remains safely in place under the driving conditions. Thule Kayak Carriers are making waves in the world of water sports.

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Yakima Kayak Racks make the aquatic life sweeter than ever. Yakima has gone out of their way to create simple, durable designs that are packed with the features paddlers will appreciate. Not only will their water products survive the test of time, they will also make loading and securing your boat easier. Yakima Kayak Racks feature strong materials, protective padding, and heavy-duty straps. Several of their newer boat mounts even fold out of the way when they are not in use, for reduced noise and improved garage access.

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