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Rack Attack offers many different types of Bike Racks for your car. These include Roof Mount Bike Racks, Hitch Mount Bike Racks, Trunk Mount Bike Racks & Spare Tire Mount Bike Racks. We can help you decide which model will fit your lifestyle best by answering a few questions:

  • On what vehicle(s) do you want to use the rack?
  • How many bikes do you need to transport?
  • What types of bikes do you need to carry?
    • Mountain/full-suspension
    • Road/carbon
    • Urban/hybrid
    • Kids
    • Tandem/recumbent
  • Is access to the rear of your vehicle important?
  • Is security of the rack and/or security of the bikes important?
  • Does your vehicle have any special features that may interfere with the rack, such as a rear-mounted spare tire, panoramic sunroof, spoiler or aftermarket bumper/exhaust?
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Roof Bike Rack

All Roof Mount Bike Racks will REQUIRE your car to have a Base Roof Rack, which can be factory installed or aftermarket. Roof bike racks come in two styles: fork mount (front tire removed) or upright (front tire left on). There are several roof bike rack models available in each style, and almost all models have optional locks to keep your bike secure to the rack, and the rack secure to the vehicle. Here are some pros and cons of each style:

Fork Mount Pros

  • Bike's profile is lower with front wheel removed, and weight is lighter with wheel off
  • Locking forks into rack is most secure and stable
  • Fork mount racks tend to be less bulky than uprights, and use less of your crossbar

Fork Mount Cons

  • Must put front wheel in vehicle or purchase roof mount wheel holder
  • May not be compatible with some bike fenders
  • May not be compatible with some forks, however, axle adapters are available for many new mountain bikes
Yakima ForkLift

Yakima ForkLift

The energies of the universe have collided and created Yakima's first-ever direct to factory crossbar fork-mount bike carrier, the Yakima ForkLift. The Yakima ForkLift is simple as pie to install and fits most forks with disc brakes.

Thule 527 Paceline Fork Mount Carrier

Thule 527 Paceline Fork Mount Carrier

The Thule 527 Paceline Fork Mount Carrier's one handed closure system allows you to load and unload your bike with one hand. The Paceline will fit most racks on the market.

Upright Mount Pros

  • Compatible with almost any bicycle from 20" tire to 29" tire
  • No need to remove the front wheel
  • Some models can accommodate unusual frame geometry and full-suspensions

Upright Mount Cons

  • Rack is bulkier than fork mount and uses more crossbar space
  • Must lift entire weight of bike since front tire stays on
  • Vehicle & load height is generally taller compared to using fork mount
Thule 594XT Sidearm

Thule 594XT Sidearm

The Thule 594XT Sidearm allows for quick rooftop loading while accommodating most bikes regardless of frame design, suspension, or wheel size. The Sidearm mounts to Thule, Yakima and most factory cross bars. Requires two lock cores, sold separately.

Yakima HighRoller Black

Yakima HighRoller Black

The Yakima HighRoller Black has a super strong wheel tray that can hold anything from monster freeride bikes to daisy-covered girly bikes with tassels on the handlebars. The HighRoller Black features a new sleek paint job and logo treatment.

Roof Mount Bike Rack Pros

  • Bikes do not obstruct road visibility
  • Bike roof racks can be swapped out seasonally with ski, watersport or cargo racks
  • Depending on size of vehicle, it may be possible to carry more bikes on roof than on rear of vehicle
  • Access to trunk/hatchback is not compromised

Roof Mount Bike Rack Cons

  • Additional noise & drag created with bikes on top of vehicle
  • Requires lifting bike onto top of vehicle
  • Added height can cause conflict with garages, drive-throughs, tree branches, etc.

In this demonstration we can see that the roof mounted bike rack can be an easy installation with some lifting required. This addition to any sports enthusiast's vehicle is a must as it makes transporting bicycles easy and hassle free.

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Roof Bike Rack

Hitch Mount Bike Racks REQUIRE that your vehicle already has a 1.25" or 2" receiver hitch installed. Hitch Mount Bike Racks can be a very convenient option, provided the hitch is capable of handling the load (if not, Rack Attack offers Trailer Hitches for most vehicles). We have two styles of hitch racks available: hanging and platform. Hanging racks sling the bikes by their frame and hold them in place with rubber or Velcro straps. With platform racks, the bike tires sit in a tray similar to a upright roof rack, and are held in place with a hooked arm over the frame or front tire. Most models have security features as standard or optional. Here are pros and cons of each style:

Hanging Rack Pros

  • Carry up to 5 bikes with appropriate hitch, provided the hitch and vehicle are rated for it
  • Easily removed from trailer hitch and reasonably compact during storage
  • Chest-level bike load height on most vehicles
  • Some models tilt down or pivot away from the vehicle to allow access to trunk or hatch
  • Some models allow for ski carrier add-on to be attached

Hanging Rack Cons

  • Bikes might make contact with each other
  • Some bike frames have unusual geometry and can be challenging to mount. However, top-tube adapters are available to alleviate the issue on most bikes
  • Bikes on the back of a vehicle are susceptible to road grime
  • On lower vehicles bikes could possibly make contact with the ground causing bike damage in extreme circumstances
Thule 9025 Apex 4-bike

Thule 9025 Apex 4-bike

The Thule 9025 Apex 4-bike is Thule's new premium hitch rack that combines security, convenience and revolutionary new cradles with Road Dampening Technology (RDT) making it the most complete hitch rack on the market.

Yakima FullTilt 4-Bike

Yakima FullTilt 4-Bike

The Yakima FullTilt 4-Bike is here to get your biking adventure on the road. Fully assembled with fully padded arms make this one trusty carrier. Just SpeedKnob this puppy into your hitch, load your bikes with new ZipStrips and you are good to go.

Platform Rack Pros

  • Carry up to 4 bikes with appropriate hitch, provided the hitch and vehicle are rated for it
  • Quick to load/unload bikes
  • Accommodates virtually any bike, including downhill, kids and some recumbents depending on wheelbase
  • Platform protects bikes by keeping them better separated from each other, and gives better protection from the ground compared to hanging racks
  • Some models are generally heavier-duty compared to hanging racks

Platform Rack Cons

  • Rack tends to be bulkier and heavier than hanging style
  • Access to hatchbacks can be challenging, however, bikes can be quickly removed
  • 2 bikes maximum on light-duty hitches
Kuat NV 2-Bike 2-inch N105 Black

Kuat NV 2-Bike 2-inch N105 Black

With a front and rear ratchet system, hitch lock, integrated cable lock, and a built-in repair stand for pre-ride prep or post-ride cleanup, the Kuat NV is a fully loaded stunner. Platform design for easy loading/unloading of bikes.

Not Available
Yakima HoldUp 2-inch Black

Yakima HoldUp 2-inch Black

The Yakima HoldUp 2-inch Black is a premium tray mount hitch bike carrier that allows for easy loading and unloading of bikes. The Yakima HoldUp 2-inch Black attaches to your vehicle's existing 2" hitch receiver.

Hitch Mount Bike Rack Pros

  • Loading/unloading bikes at a lower height than roof mounted racks
  • Trailer hitch may also be used for towing
  • Vehicle can still access low clearance areas like garages and parkades
  • Keep your roof rack free for cargo boxes, watersports or ski racks

Hitch Mount Bike Rack Cons

  • Access to rear of vehicle may be impeded
  • Vehicle hitch required
  • Bikes and/or rack may obstruct rear of vehicle visibility
  • Increased overall vehicle length

This is a demonstration on a hitch mounted bike rack. As you can see this video demonstrates the necessity for installing a swing-away style of rack so that you may access the trunk of the vehicle.

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Trunk Mount Bike Racks are the most basic way to carry bikes on most vehicles. This type of rack clamps to the vehicle with 4-6 rubber-dipped metal hooks, and has rubber or foam pads that press against the bumper, trunk or rear window for support. These racks tend to be less expensive than the other options, but the user must be cautious so as to not scratch the vehicle's finish during installation/removal.

Trunk Rack Pros

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to store when off the vehicle, and can even be stored in the trunk of many vehicles
  • May be able to move from one vehicle to another with minimal adjustment
  • Great option for rental cars

Trunk Rack Cons

  • Many points of contact on the vehicle
  • Least secure, though some models include passive security features
  • Maximum of 2 or 3 bikes, depending on vehicle
  • May not work if vehicle has spoiler at top of hatchback
Saris 801BL Bones 3-Bike Black

Saris 801BL Bones 3-Bike Black

The Saris 801BL Bones 3-Bike Black trunk rack has an arc-based design that fits over most spoilers and separates bikes on different levels. Saris Bones is the most adjustable trunk rack on the market.

Thule 9006XT Gateway 2-Bike

Thule 9006XT Gateway 2-Bike

The Thule 9006XT Gateway 2-Bike is a robust trunk mount bike carrier featuring long arcing tubes providing greater clearance over spoilers & maximizing vehicle compatibility. Now inlcudes Hold Fast Cradles that cushion the bike and provide securi

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Spare Tire Mount Bike Racks only come in 2-bike versions since the load is transmitted to the spare tire bracket. These racks feature locking systems to secure your bikes to the rack, as well as a lock to secure the rack to the tire. A simple twist of a knob will remove the rack when you are not using it, and they are reasonably compact for storage. It will be obvious if this is an option for you. However if you need to transport more than two bikes, we may be able to add a trailer hitch to your vehicle so you can use a hitch rack. This gets tricky because the rack must sit far back enough to clear the spare tire, so feel free to call us if you'd like more details about this option.

Thule 963PRO Spare Me Pro Bike Rack

Thule 963PRO Spare Me Pro Bike Rack

The Thule 963PRO Spare Me heavy-duty bike rack is the perfect solution for any vehicle with a rear mounted spare tire. Now includes Stay-Put cradles for better stability, an integrated locking cable, and a second adapter plate to fit more tire sizes.

Yakima SpareTime

Yakima SpareTime

The Yakima SpareTime carries up to two bikes on your spare tire using a universal mounting plate with extension mounts to most lug patterns. It has a durable powder coated steel construction and two integrated bottle openers.

Not Available

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