Inno ISF715 Round Bar Adapter Kit

Inno ISF715 Round Bar Adapter Kit
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Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 9ISF715


The Inno ISF715 Round Bar Adapter Kit allows Inno snow and water sport carriers to mount onto round Yakima crossbars, and prevent the carrier from rotating on the round bars.


  • Allows Inno INA927 Gravity Ski & Snowboard Carrier and a few other Inno carriers to mount onto Yakima round crossbars
  • Prevent carriers from rotating on round crossbars
  • One kit required per carrier


Weight: 2lbs

Length (carton): 4"

Width (carton): 4"

Height (carton): 2"


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Inno ISF715 Round Bar Adapter Kit
2 -

The ISF715 install fine, and the screws on them are no problem, but it is the screws on my main Inno product (INA744) that are now not long enough to secure it to the bars with the adapters in place. I will try to swing by the hardware store to see if I can find some similar bolts, but Ive found that removing the plastic fitting that nests on one of the screws is rather difficult.


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