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Here Comes the Snow!

Winter is coming, and along with it glorious days of calling in sick to play in the fresh pow. Make sure you're ready to get your gear to hill with a Yakima, Thule, or Sportrack ski rack or luggage box. We have great deals on the Sportrack Groomer Deluxe, and the Thule Universal Flat Top 6 ski racks. Or if you want to keep your gear protected from the elements, pick up a Yakima Cargo box for the road.

.: Webmaster - 10/20/2015 :.

New Hitch and Roof Rack Products

See what's trending here at Rack Attack by checking out our Top 5 Most Popular Bike Racks and Top 5 Most Popular Kayak Racks.

Whispbar and Yakima hitch and roof rack products coming soon to Rack Attack: Whispbar WB401 Premium Kayak Saddle, Yakima Landing Pad 14, the landing pad for 2012-2014 Honda CR-V Control Tower system.

Need to store your bike neatly? Check out these great looking bike storage solutions from Saris coming soon to Rack Attack: The Boss, The Hottie, The Show Off. Or if you need a bike rack solution for fat tire bikes, check out the Saris Freedom Fat Tire Wheel Trays, an add-on accessory for the Freedom line of Saris Hitch Mount Bike Racks.

Other great upcoming products from other great brands include: RockyMounts Brass Knuckles Black, RockyMounts Brass Knuckles Red, RockyMounts Brass Knuckles White.

.: webmaster - 1/8/2015 :.

Is Black The New Black?

In case you thought Orange was the new Black, we're here to show you why Black is the new Black. With the popularity of cars with roofs wrapped in black vinyl to mimic the stylish look of the new trendy glass roofs, our limited Black Aeroblades and Aeroblade Edges from Thule are sure to be a big success. Their stealthy, low-gloss black powdercoat finish carries the full Thule Lifetime Warranty. And we all know what happens "once you go black".

.: webmaster - 8/11/2014 :.

Chariot Now Available at Rack Attack

Unlike those old Chariots of Ancient Rome, our Chariots are safe and comfortable so you can carry your little ones with peace of mind. Chariot Child Carriers are a great way to enjoy the great outdoors without having to call the babysitter. These aren't your average baby strollers. Chariot Trailers feature the innovative VersaWing which allows you to attach Conversion Kits for multi-sport functionality. Take your child out for a leisurely stroll, a nice hike, a breezy jog, an exhilarating bike ride, or a breath-taking cross country ski adventure. Chariot also offers many Accessories to ensure your child's safety and comfort. Happy trails from Rack Attack!

.: Webmaster - 7/9/2012 :.

2012 Kona North American Championships

Rack Attack is proud to be an official sporsor of the 2012 Kona North American Championships. We offer a wide selection of Surfboard Racks for all your windsurfing needs.

.: Webmaster - 6/11/2012 :.

Yakima DoubleDown Ace

Now available at a Rack Attack near you, Yakima DoubleDown Ace Series of hitch mount bike carriers: Yakima DoubleDown Ace 5, Yakima DoubleDown Ace 4, and Yakima DoubleDown Ace 2. And also available are the Yakima Crashpad Medium and Yakima Crashpad Large for the ultimate in tailgate protection.

And in other news, for those of you who like the temperature a little colder and are missing the white fluffy stuff, here is a sneak peek at next snow season's new and exciting products, the Whispbar WB300 Ski and Snowboard Carrier, the easiest ever to install snow chains, the Thule CU-9 Easy Fit Snow Chain, and the new Yakima FatCat.

This just in, our 3 top selling Whispbar Fit Kits are: Whispbar Fit Kit K328, Whispbar Fit Kit K334, and Whispbar Fit Kit K393

.: Webmaster - 5/10/2012 :.

NEW! Thule's Apex & Vertex bike carriers

Available now at a Rack Attack near you, Thule's new Apex premium hitch mount bike carriers: Thule 9025 Apex 4-bike, Thule 9026 Apex 5-bike, and Thule 9027 Apex Swing. Designed with bike protection & security and user convenience in mind, these new bike racks are the most complete hitch racks on the market. New Hold Fast RDT (Road Dampening Technology) Cradles absorb the shock of the road thus protecting your bike during transport. Accessing the rear of your vehicle is a snap, even with the rack fully loaded, with the Thule 9027 Apex Swing.

Also introducing the Thule Vertex series of hitch mount bike racks: Thule 9028 Vertex 2-bike, Thule 9029 Vertex 4-bike, Thule 9030 Vertex 5-bike, and Thule 9031 Vertex Swing, all featuring many of the same great features as the Apex series.

.: Webmaster - 10/26/2011 :.

Greatest Invention Since Sliced Bread

Well, njot quite, but in the rack world, it's pretty darn close. Introducing the revolutionary new Thule AeroBlade Load Bars, available in 4 different sizes: Thule ARB43 43 Inch AeroBlade Load Bars, Thule ARB47 47 Inch AeroBlade Load Bars, Thule ARB53 53 Inch AeroBlade Load Bars, and Thule ARB60 60 AeroBlade Inch Load Bars. Whisper-quiet design & technology and compatibility with existing Thule Rapid Foot Packs and Thule Accessories make them a must-have for your Thule rack.

.: Webmaster - 7/29/2011 :.

Exciting New Products from Thule and Yakima

Just in time for the upcoming bike season, Thule is releasing its new XTR line of T2 hitch-mounted bike carriers, including the 916XTR, 917XTR and 918XTR. The new versions feature an integrated cable lock for added security. The 916XTR & 918XTR combo can safely and securely transport up to 4 bikes without taking up any precious interior cargo space.

And if you do need any extra cargo space, Yakima's new line of Skybox Pro Onyx Cargo Boxes can help you with that. With a variety of storage capacities from 15 to 21 cubic feet, there's sure to be one that fits your needs.

.: Webmaster - 3/7/2011 :.

Don't Get Stuck In The Snow!

With all the news of this year's forecast of a harsh, cold & snowy winter, be prepared for anything with Thule Tire Chains. For the right fit for your tire size, click here. A friend of mine recently bought a set of generic tire chains from a local car/hardware store, only to have them break during their first use. So he comes to Rack Attack, buys a set of Thule tire chains and absolutely loves them. From their easy-to-use design to their high quality construction, Thule tire chains are the perfect accessory to get you anywhere you want to go this winter.

Of course no winter would be complete without a few trips up to your nearest mountains. And our full selection of Thule and Yakima ski/snowboard racks will have what you need to carry all your gear safely. Easily carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards with either the Yakima FatCat 6 or the Thule Universal Pull Top 6.

.: Webmaster - 12/2/2010 :.

Minnesota Ski & Snowboard Expo

With the winter season approaching, it is time to gear up for the Ski & Snowboard season. With many rack options to choose from we are here to make sure that you get the best system for your needs and vehicle.

This year the BEWI Ski & Snowboard Expo is going to be coming to Minnesota and setting up shop at the Mall of America from October 22nd-24th. Admission is free so don't miss your opportunity to come and visit the Rack Attack booth and ask our rack experts your questions about the best solution for your needs.

We will be located between Sears and the Rotunda corridor situated at booth 25 and 26. Come check us out this year and see what great products are on display for this winter season. To view a map of where our booth will be located click HERE

.: Webmaster - 9/23/2010 :.

Thule Summer Savings

Summer season is in full swing, and Rack Attack is offering a deal to customers in the market for extra storage space on their vehicle that you cannot miss out on.

Rack Attack is offering free shipping (LTL Freight) on Thule Ascent, Spirit, Atlantis, and our most popular, Boxter cargo boxes within the continental USA (excludes Alaska & Hawaii) for a limited time and while supplies last. Cargo boxes are a great way to add extra storage to your vehicle for camping, family outings and road trips.

.: Webmaster - 7/30/2010 :.

Yakima Summer Savings

We are offering a deal with a base rack set from Yakima (Four Towers/Two Crossbars). With this Mail In Rebate coupon you stand to save $30 dollars on the set, on top of the 10% you already save from shopping with us. This offer ends August 15th 2010 so make sure you purchase your Cargo Box before then.

.: Webmaster - 7/29/2010 :.

New Location - Minneapolis

We are opening our 9th store in Minneapolis in early June. Rack Attack Minneapolis is located just west of Lake Calhoun. We have the widest selection of inventory. With trained personnel we can assist you with the purchase process from making the right selection to getting same day expert installation. Rack Attack Minneapolis also provides custom installations for vehicles without standard fits, and factory-style rack systems.

.: Webmaster - 5/19/2010 :.

Back to the Basics

Let's face it; the rack selection process can get confusing. With so many combinations available Rack Attack has teamed up with Yakima to bring you an interactive, easy-to-use learning tool called Rack Basics.

Rack Basics gives you an overview of your gear-hauling options based on what you want to carry and where you want to carry it. Pair this together with the Yakima Vehicle Rack Finder and you should have no problems finding the best solution for your needs.

.: Loren Stewart - 2/17/2009 :.

Google Checkout Now Available

Rack Attack is now offering customers an alternative to our standard secure checkout system. Google Checkout is a fast, secure way to buy from stores across the web using a single username and password. Use it once to minimize the need to create a new account every time you make an online purchase.

Google Checkout gives you the option of keeping both your email address and credit card confidential, allowing you to shop with extra confidence. Best yet, if you commonly make purchases over the internet you can view your purchase history, track orders, track deliveries, and easily contact sellers like Rack Attack from a single web page.

If you would like to learn more about Google Checkout, click here.

.: Loren Stewart - 12/31/2008 :.

Thule Blowout Sale

Just in time for the holidays, it is our once a year 20% Off Thule Rack Sale. From now until December 7th 2008, get 20% Off all Thule rack products excluding cargo boxes. Rack Attack offers free UPS ground shipping on all orders over $150.00, excluding oversized items, so you can expect your rack delivered to your door sooner. Beat the rush and get your holiday shopping done early, take a look at our complete line of Thule gear.

If you are not sure what will fit your vehicle, make use of the Automated Thule Fit Guide. Simply enter your vehicle information and what you would like to carry, and it will take care of the rest.

.: Loren Stewart - 11/28/2008 :.

Yakima Cargo Box Kickbacks

It is the cargo box time of year again; Yakima is running the Cargo Box Kickback Promotion which means you can get a $25.00 - $50.00 cash refund on any Yakima SkyBox, SkyBox Pro, or SkyBox LoPro purchased between November 1st, 2008 and December 31st, 2008. To get this cash back in your pocket, print off and complete this form, then mail it in to Yakima along with your original receipt.

The $50.00 refund is available for the entire line of Yakima SkyBox Pro cargo boxes including the SkyBox Pro 12, SkyBox Pro 16, SkyBox Pro 18, and SkyBox Pro 21. This rebate is also valid for the SkyBox LoPro 16 which should be available online shortly.

To qualify for the $25.00 rebate, purchase any of the Yakima SkyBox series cargo boxes including the SkyBox 12, SkyBox 16, SkyBox 18, and SkyBox 21.

Rack Attack can further sweeten the deal if you can get your cargo box shipped to a commercial address. We offer our $60.00 Commercial Shipping Rebate, which can net you a savings of up to $110.00. For more information on our rebate program, click here.

.: Loren Stewart - 11/3/2008 :.

Drive Small, Carry Big with Thule

Just drive down the highway these days and you will notice a visible shift in types and sizes of vehicles people are driving. Gone are the days of the bigger-is-better, super-sized SUVs. The buzz words now are CUVs, sport wagons and gas-sipping compacts.

By just being an active person you have tons of stuff that you are used to hauling around. On any given day you are carting around helmets, gloves, sleeping bags, tents, backpacks, boots, paddles, skis, baby joggers, groceries, plywood, and way too many bags of potato chips and jerky. Just because you down-sized your vehicle does not mean this stuff is going to be able to transport itself.

With the addition of a rack system you can safely and easily carry the same amount of stuff (if not more) then you did with a gas-chugging SUV. Thule roof boxes have an available capacity up to 21 cubic feet so you can have the carrying capacity of a Ford Escape on a Toyota Prius. And adding this cargo room is a snap (or shall we say twist!). Cargo boxes equipped with Thule's Quick Grip mounting hardware take under five minutes to install or remove. If the roof is not an option, try a hitch. Hitches are easy to install, fit a ton of vehicles and allow you to carry bikes, skis and even boxes on the back of your car. Pretty cool, huh?

High gas prices may be a shock for us but they are old news for the rest of the world. Many of the new smaller cars we see on the road in North America have been available in Europe for years. The North American public is learning what the rest of the world has already learned: drive a smaller car and add a Thule rack to increase cargo space.

.: Loren Stewart - 9/15/2008 :.

Yakima Rack KickBack

Like Saving Money? Well Yakima has made it easy with their Yakima Rack Kickback Promotion. Between August 15th and August 31st 2008, it you spend $300 to $399.99 Yakima will give you a $30 kickback. If you spend between $400 and $499.99 Yakima will give you a $40 kickback. Best yet, if you spend $500 or more Yakima will give you a $50 kickback.

Please click here to download your mail in rebate form. If you want to see what rack products will work with your vehicle to take advantage of this offer, check out our Automated Yakima Rack Fit Guide.

Note that this offer is only good for Yakima Rack products purchased in the United States between 8/15/2008 and 8/31/2008. It also requires that you include the original receipt with your mail in rebate.

.: Loren Stewart - 8/15/2008 :.

Yakima IGM - Home Storage Rack Sale

Most people tend to throw their gear into a pile on the floor. And over time, that pile grows and grows until it turns in to a filthy, cluttered, stinky, dust-bunny-infested junkyard. It is a tragic situation that makes our eyes misty with tears.

Take command of your messiness with the Yakima Integrated Gear Management System (IGM). The Yakima IGM System holds anything from kayaks to bikes to skis to cargo boxes providing a load capacity of up to 800 lbs. The Yakima IGM system has customizable configurations to suit your space and gear.

.: Loren Stewart - 5/6/2008 :.

Yakima Hitch Rack Kickback

With bike season just around the corner, the folks at Yakima want to offer a helping hand to get you and your bikes there in style. If you buy a Yakima Hitch Mount Bike Rack between April 1st - April 30th, 2008 with a retail value of over $300.00, Yakima will send you $40 on the down low, tempted?

To receive your rebate, download and complete this form, and follow the instructions. Yakima will then mail you a $40.00 rebate. There is no better time than now to try on the new Yakima SwingDaddy or the innovative new Yakima FlipSide.

.: Loren Stewart - 4/1/2008 :.

Thule Tire Chains

When the winter comes, Thule has the snow chains that will get you there safely. Thule is proud to offer the smartest snow chains produced at their factory in the Italian Alps. Design is just as important as safety and functionality.

Rack Attack carries the complete line of Thule Snow Chains for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. Check out which model fits your tire size, click here.

.: Loren Stewart - 2/13/2008 :.

Yakima Cargo Box Kickbacks

Yakima is offering a $25.00 - $50.00 refund on any Yakima SkyBox purchased between December 1st and December 31st, 2007. All you need to do to take advantage of this is to mail in the completed form along with your original receipt.

To receive the $50.00 refund by mail, buy one Yakima SkyBox Pro 12, SkyBox Pro 16, SkyBox Pro 18, or SkyBox Pro 21. To receive the $25.00 refund by mail, buy one Yakima SkyBox 12, SkyBox 16, SkyBox 18, or SkyBox 21.

For even better holiday savings, have your Yakima SKyBox Pro shipped to a commercial address to qualify for our $50.00 Commercial Shipping Rebate. For more information on our commercial shipping rebate program, click here.

.: Loren Stewart - 12/1/2007 :.

TracRac Sliding Truck Rack Rebate

Purchase a TracRac Sliding Truck Rack between September 10th, 2007 - November 16th 2007 and receive a $50.00 Factory Rebate from TracRac. See the TracRac website to download the factory rebate form.

This rebate is not valid on the purchase of any other TracRac products.

.: Loren Stewart - 9/12/2007 :.

Yakima Steal the Locks Promotion

Buy a Yakima Base Roof Rack System at Rack Attack between now and July 31st, 2007 and Rack Attack will let you steal the locks from us. A Yakima Base Roof Rack System is comprised of any Yakima Towers and any sized Yakima Crossbars, purchase these and you can complete your security with 4 Yakima SKS Lock Cylinders.

If you are purchasing lockable carriers along with your base roof rack system, those locks are also free. For example if you purchase two Yakima Roof Mount Bike Racks, along with your base roof rack system, add 6 Yakima SKS Lock Cylinders to your order.

Add the locks to your order at full price, Rack Attack will then verify that you have ordered the correct items and adjust your invoice to make those locks completely free. Check out which Yakima Base Roof Rack System fits your vehicle through their Automated Rack Fit Guide.

.: Loren Stewart - 7/3/2007 :.

Yakima Cargo-a-Go-Go Promotion

Buy a cargo box at Rack Attack between now and June 30th, 2007 and Rack Attack will give you a free Yakima Cargo Box accessory. Simply order the cargo box online and add one of the following accessories to your shopping cart: Yakima Cargo Mat, Yakima Cargo Net, Yakima Cargo LED Light, or Yakima Box Hanger.

Rack Attack will then adjust your invoice before shipping your box to make that accessory absolutely free. Have a look at the Yakima Cargo Boxes currently available at Rack Attack.

.: Loren Stewart - 5/14/2007 :.

Thule Professional

Rack Attack is pleased to offer the complete line of Thule Professional - Contractor Grade Rack Systems for pickup truck beds, pickup truck caps, and vans.

Building on Thule's heritage of offering innovative load carrying solutions, the Thule Professional line of products is geared specifically for all trade professionals. With a lifetime warranty, these rugged, high strength base rack systems provide the foundation, while a full range of accessories offer load carrying flexibility and security. Thule Professional gets the job done.

Read more about Thule Professional from their new website, click here.

.: Loren Stewart - 5/4/2007 :.

Thule Days / Yakima Spring Fling Events

Get geared up for spring with all of your Thule and Yakima rack needs at RackAttack.com. Rack Attack is proud to announce the Thule Days / Yakima Spring Fling events from April 18th to the 29th. All Thule and Yakima items have been marked down 20% off of the manufacturers suggested retail price with the exception of the Yakima Integrated Gear Management home storage racks.

To sweeten the deal even more, Rack Attack is continuing to offer free UPS ground shipping on all orders over $150.00 composed of regular sized items shippable through the UPS courier service. Combine this with one of the largest inventories in the business and you are going to get your Thule or Yakima rack delivered to you faster.

Take advantage of the Thule Days / Yakima Spring Fling at RackAttack.com now though April 28th, 2007.

.: Loren Stewart - 4/18/2007 :.

Rack Attack - Customer Ratings Tool

Customer ratings have become an integral aspect of comparative online shopping. Ratings allow would be buyers to read reviews from previous customers and make a more informed decision as to the best possible merchant.

In order to establish non-biased credibility, Rack Attack has selected ResellerRatings.com, as a third party rating engine and will include a link to their survey with every order confirmation. If you are a previous customer of Rack Attack please take a moment to rate our service so that future customers can hear about your experience.

Future customers can expect to see a link to an online survey on their order confirmation screen, as well as on their initial invoice. We at Rack Attack, ask that you take the time to fill in your feedback and include your invoice number.

.: Loren Stewart - 4/12/2007 :.

New Thule Kayak and Thule Bike Racks

Rack Attack is proud to announce the availability of two brand new Thule products:

The Thule 887 SlipStream is a fully adjustable, complete kayak carrying platform, that ensures contact-free loading on any vehicle. The Thule 887 SlipStream comes complete with saddles, roller, base tubes, and all necessary straps and tie downs for one kayak. Not to mention it mounts to Thule square load bars, Thule Aero load bars, Yak round crossbars, and most factory installed crossbars right out of the box.

World's number one selling fork mount bike rack just got a makeover and has been named the Thule 517 Peloton. From road bikes to disc brakes and fat tires, the Thule 517 Peloton is up to the challenge. It fits both Thule square load bars and Yakima round crossbars right out of the box.

.: Loren Stewart - 3/28/2007 :.

Rack Attack Re-launches in the US

RackAttack.com has re-launched in the US with an entirely new look, providing a customer friendly shopping experience. New website features include: an online account section that allows you to track your order up to the second, a brand new search tool that will give you more meaningful search results, shopping by category and shopping by manufacturer, and finally a better navigation system including a quick category menu along the top of the page.

Thule and Yakima product instructions are now available to download directly from us, look on the product details page for the PDF icon.

Check out the brand new products from Thule and Yakima, including the Thule line of hitch mount bike racks, featuring the Thule Revolver, and the Yakima line of water sport racks which now include bow / stern tie down straps.

Keep an eye out for the new features coming later in 2007.

.: Loren Stewart - 3/9/2007 :.

The New Rack Attack

Welcome to the new and improved Rack Attack Website. There have been lots of improvements made to ensure your shopping experience is as easy as possible.

If you do experience any problems, or notice something that is out of place please contact us through our online feature and we will resolve the problem right away.

Happy shopping and once again, Welcome to the New Rack Attack

.: Loren Stewart - 1/11/2007 :.

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