Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

Dan gave a rating of 5/5 on 8/23/2012

Great product, great service. Placed the order Tuesday night, received a phone call Wednesday morning to confirm everything was correct (it was) and the package was delivered to my door by noon on Thursday. Took a but a few minutes to install and very easy to use. Top notch!



SeaNSki gave a rating of 5/5 on 7/15/2011

I've used the 450 Crossroad for about 10-15 years and have 3 pair. One of my sons has 2 pair. They are awesome. Instead of using the hex wrench that comes with the end cap, I cut a long hex wrench so it is just one straight piece and use it with a power drill. It makes installation and removal a snap. Haven't used the lock cores with these but they make sense if you are in areas where crime is an issue. Like all other Thule products, the quality is first class.


Reviewed by a RackAttack Customer

gm gave a rating of 5/5 on 7/20/2010

Highly recommended purchase for those looking to attach cross racks to factory side rails. Installation for the Thule 450 CrossRoad took less than 5 minutes - essentially inserting the loadbars into the feet, position onto the side rails and then tighten. I highly recommend purchasing the Thule lock cores together with this safely secure the feet and deter any would-be thieves.



happy racker gave a rating of 5/5 on 12/28/2009

This was so easy to install, and is sturdy. It arrived within 2 days. I got a call within 5 minutes to confirm my order was correct. Which it was not. I was very grateful as it saved me a large amount of money. Kudos!!