ml asked on 1/9/2014:

The skis now are days are quite a bit wider. The rack claims to hold 4 skis but when I looked at one claiming this it didn't seem like 16' across would hold 4 wider pair of skis like people are skiing with today ?? are they made for the current wider skis?

The current ones are wider for the shaped skis, in fact the 92724 measures over 23" of usuable space for the skis. Never a bad idea to get the 92725 for a little more room, also helps to carry the poles.


KD asked on 9/27/2012:

Vehicle: 2011 GMC Acadia
Will this rack fit on my GMC Acadia?


If your Acadia has factory crossbars, then the Universal Flat Top 4 will fit right to that. If you don't have crossbars, then you will undoubtedly need them in order to put anything on the roof. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 1-888-399-RACK.

Thanks, TJ @ Rack Attack Boston


Terry asked on 3/17/2012:

Vehicle: 2007 Chevrolet Equinox
Will the Thule 92724 Universal Flat Top 4 fit on my factory crossbars?

Hey Terry,

The Thule rack does come with a universal clamp now, so you wouldn't have any problem attaching it to your factory crossbars.


Rack Attack


Mike asked on 2/16/2012:

Vehicle: 2012 Nissan Rogue
Will the 92724 fit my factory accessory crossbars?


Yes, The 92724 will fit on the factory crossbars on your Rogue. Thank you.


trnjjohn asked on 2/13/2012:

Vehicle: 2012 Subaru Outback
Can you please tell me the overall length of the Thule 92724. I want to know if it will fit my crossbars along with a Thule Hull-a-port pro kayak rack. My crossbars have 35 inches of useable space. Thanks.


The overall length of the Flat Top 4 is 30 inches even. If you have any other questions, feel free to call our Boston location at 508 879 1444. Thanks!


Filip Brudz asked on 1/23/2012:

Vehicle: 2008 volkwagen passat wagon
can I install thule ski rack on the whispbar cross bar using the adapter kit xadapt1?


The mounting hardware for the 192724 Flat Top 4 from Thule has recently been upgraded to a full-wrap strapping system much like the 450 Crossroad mounts. This new system should attach directly to your Whispbar system with no problems. If you are using the older mounting hardware, you may need to purchase the XADAPT7 kit, it will contain longer screws.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call here at the Boston location, the number is 508 879 1444. Thanks!


kevin lee asked on 1/20/2012:

Vehicle: 2011 Mercedes GL550
I purchased the Thule Universal Flat Top Ski Carrier 92725/92724 yesterday and tried to attach it today to my factory cross bars on the 2011 Mercedes GL550. The rubber strip isn't long enough to wrap the crossbar and slip into the slot (tried pulling with no luck). How do I get this rack on?

Hi Kevin,

It sounds like you just need to loosen the strap further than it is, the gray knob if turned counter-clockwise will loosen the strap enough for it to go around the bar.
If this fails, get back to us and we will go from there.
Thanks for your inquiry,
Rack Attack Portland