brennan asked on 7/29/2013:

Vehicle: 2003 Mazda Protege
Basically I need a full set up for my car. Does that mean I need to order 2 of the Q Towers?

Hi Brennan,

The Yakima Q Towers are sold as a set of four towers, so order a quantity of 1.
The Q clips however, are sold in pairs so you would need to order 2 x pairs.
Crossbars are sold as a pair also.

Use this link and enter your vehicle details to view the specific parts required.


Jon asked on 7/13/2013:

Vehicle: 2002 Volkswagen Jetta 4dr
will this system fit my year of car, I looked at other kits and they seem to skip these 2001 to 2004

Hi Jon,

The Yakima Q Towers will fit your 2002 Jetta sedan. You will need:

200124 Q towers
200408 48" Crossbars
210103 Q clips (2 x pairs)

Lock cores are optional but recommended as well as the 207048 44" fairing.


Rod asked on 3/3/2012:

Vehicle: 2007 Chev Silverado
Will Q towers fit this vehicle? Can I get just 2 towers (to use a roof rack in conjunction with a truck box rack)?

Hi Rod,

Yes, the Yakima Q towers will fit your vehicle. We have them available as a half pack so that you can have one cross bar on the cab.

If you go through the fit guide on our home page it should direct you to the correct products and allow you to place a mail order.

If there are any further issues please call us toll free on 1.888.77.RACKS (72257) and we will do our best to help you out.

Rack Attack Vancouver


dan asked on 12/12/2011:

Vehicle: 2007 volkswagen GTI
will this rack work for the above car?


Yes it will with some Q102 Clips, and 58" Crossbars.