Thule TKCAP TK Kit Upgrade

Thule TKCAP TK Kit Upgrade
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Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 1TKCAP


The Thule TKCAP TK Kit Upgrade provides improved aesthetics and consumer value for all TK kits with snap-on cover for use when rack system is removed. The Thule TKCAP simply snaps on to your Thule TK Kit when it is not in use.


  • Cover provides a finished look to TK base when rack system is removed from vehicle
  • TKCAP (set of 4 covers) available as upgrade kit for existing TK systems


Weight: 1lbs

Length (carton): 4"

Width (carton): 2"

Height (carton): 1"

UPC: 091021431997

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Thule TKCAP TK Kit Upgrade
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These covers do provide a finished look for permanent mounts when the rack is not in use. However, they do not have a very secure connection to the mount and tend to come loose. I have lost them more than once, when I forgot to remove them before entering the car wash. I am looking to replace them, but they are $8.95 with $10 shipping!

2009 GMC Sierra

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