Thule 589 Velo Vise

Thule 589 Velo Vise
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Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 100589


The Thule 589 Velo Vise fork mount bike rack could be the world's fastest fork mount bike carrier for the loading of mountain or road bikes. The Thule 589 Velo Vise wheel tray fits tire widths from 20mm road tires to 2.3 inch mountain bike tires.


  • This item has been discontinued
  • Thule's fastest loading fork mounted bike rack
  • Self-centering skewer makes bike mounting simple
  • Easy-to-turn thumb wheel allows you to set the proper clamp pressure for any type of fork
  • Ratcheting wheel strap on the back of the rack secures your bicycle's rear wheel
  • Lockable with Thule lock cores, sold separately
  • Fits Thule and Yakima bars out of the box


Weight: 6lbs

Length (carton): 0"

Width (carton): 0"

Height (carton): 0"

UPC: 091021589179

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