Roof Rack Accessories

Roof Rack Accessories include everything from endcaps to box lifts. This is where you'll find all the accessories you need including straps, load stops, tube tops, and more.

Thule 571 Roof Box Storage Lift - FINAL SALE

The Thule Cargo Roof Box Storage Lift lets your box just hang out when it's not working hard for you.The Thule Cargo Roof Box Storage Lift is a great storage solution for canoes, kayaks, sailboards, ladders etc.

Yakima Replacement Universal Mount

The Yakima Replacement Universal Mount is a single replacement mount for Yakima ski and snowboard racks.

Thule 502 Aero Load Stops

The Thule 502 Aero Load Stops are both durable and easy to use. They integrate with the Thule Professional roof mount truck & van racks, the Thule 500 Xsporter Pro and all Aeroblade bars.

Yakima LoadStops

Yakima Loadstops are great multipurpose load carriers that prevent cargo from shifting from side to side. Set of 4 brackets. Recommended for use with a pair Yakima heavy-duty straps, sold separately.

Yakima Tubetop

The Yakima Tubetop bike rack frame adapter connects easily between a bike's seat post and handlebars. This allows much easier loading and transporting of bicycles that don't have a top tube frame that runs straight between the handlebars and seatpost

Thule BSTK2 Bike Stacker

Thule's BSTK2 Bike Stacker to store two bikes in your home or garage. It features independent adjustment arms so you can choose the level and height for each bike. Steel construction and soft rubber bike holders securely support bikes.

Thule 100501 Round Trip Pro

The Thule 100501 Round Trip Pro is a soft shell bike travel case with integrated bike work stand which makes traveling with your bike simple. The Thule 100501 Round Trip Pro delivers sophisticated bike protection and maximum user friendliness.

Thule 919 Fat Tire Kit

The Thule 919 Fat Tire Kit is an upgrade kit for carrying one bike with fat/wide tires on the Thule T2 Platform Hitch Rack. One kit needed per bike.

Thule 982XT Frame Adapter for Bike Racks

The Thule 982XT Frame Adapter is a new and improved frame adapter that modifies women's, BMX and non-standard bike frames in order to be carried on hanging style hitch mount racks. It quickly attaches between the handle bars and bike seat.

Thule EC1 End Caps

The Thule End Caps are four replacement caps for a pair of Thule load bars.

Thule 503 Square Bar Load Stops

The Thule 503 Load Stops are an economical solution for transporting canoes, kayaks, lumber, construction material, ladders and more. Attaches to Thule square load bars only. Thule Load Stops are sold in a set of 4.

Thule 4997 Replacement Hardware Kit

The Thule 4997 Replacement Hardware Kit provides replacement quick-mount hardware for Thule Adventurer, Excursion, Frontier or Mountaineer roof rack cargo boxes. Does not fit on ES model cargo boxes.

Thule 839 Get-a-Grip

The Thule 839 Get-A-Grip is a fully lockable multi-purpose holder for carrying paddles, oars, and masts. The Thule Get-A-Grip attaches directly to Thule load bars, Thule Xsporter truck rack load bars, Yakima cross bars and most factory racks.

Thule 831 Locking Straps 13-foot

The Thule 831 Locking Straps 13-foot (2-pack) are heavy-duty lockable load straps for securing kayaks, canoes and other gear safely to your vehicle's base rack system. Comes with 2 One-Key lock cylinders.

Thule 523 Load Straps

The Thule 523 load straps are equipped with two 15 foot heavy-duty, polypropylene straps for easy double-wrapping of all kinds of loads. Thule Load Straps will keep that load snug tight to your rack.

Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 15mm

The Thule Thru-Axle Adapter 15mm's patented adapter design allows you to carry 15mm front suspension forks on existing Thule and most other fork-mounted bike carriers.

Yakima Replacement End Caps

Four replacement caps for all Yakima round cross bars. Yakima Replacement End Caps protect the Yakima load bars for a long lasting base rack system.

Thule WS2 Wheel Straps

The Thule WS2 Wheel Straps are replacement wheel straps for Thule fork mount and upright bike carriers. The WS2 Thule Wheel Straps are ratcheting plastic straps with a cam tightening mechanism. They also include a rubber adapter for road rims.

Yakima Universal SNAR with Ski Hardware

The Yakima Universal SNAR with Ski Hardware mounts your Yakima ski or snowboard rack to round or square bars. The Yakima Universal SNAR with Ski Hardware only works with Yakima winter sport racks.

Saris Freedom Fat Tire Wheel Trays

The Saris Fat Tire Wheel Trays allow you to use the Saris Freedom bike carriers, including SuperClamp, with your fat tire bikes. Easily fit 5" wide bicycle tires.

Yakima World Straps

The Yakima 2506 World Strap stretches to secure your bike to its mount. The Yakima World Strap is compatible with older yakima hitch-mount bike racks and ROC series racks.

Thule 232 Step Up

The 232 Thule Step Up is a heavy-duty portable wheel step. It allows for loading gear, and equipment on top of car roof racks on tall vehicles.

Yakima Watersport MultiMounts

The Yakima MultiMounts gives your oars, masts or paddles a super deluxe ride. Sold in pairs. Can be used on both Yakima round bars and Thule square bars. Cruising to and from the water's edge just got easier with the Yakima MultiMounts.

Yakima RipCord

The Yakima RipCord is a lockable multi-purpose cargo strap for locking surfboards, boats, bikes, motorcycles, trailers, ladders, you name it.

Yakima Universal SNAR Snap Arounds

Yakima Universal SNAR Snap Arounds are the key to how Yakima accessories fit round or square bars. Yakima Universal SNAR Snap Arounds work with all Yakima carriers however they are limited to only Thule roof mount bike carriers.

Thule RoundTrip Single Ski Carrier Slate

The Thule RoundTrip Single Ski Carrier Slate, with generous reinforcement along the tips and tails of the carrier and internal cinch top sleeves to protect both your skis and outerwear, will get your gear safely to your destination.

Thule 530 Quick Loop Straps

The Thule 530 Quick Loop Strap provides an anchor point for boat and load straps on vehicles without undercarriage attachment points. Set of 2 straps.

Yakima Strap Caps

The Yakima strap caps are a great replacement for regular end caps to prevent straps and ropes from slipping off the end of your roof rack.

Yakima 15MM T-Axle Fork Adapter

The Yakima 15MM T-Axle Fork Adapter allows bikes with 15MM axle to mount to any Yakima fork mount bicycle carrier. Install the Yakima 15MM T-Axle Fork Adapter to your bicycles front fork then mount your bike to the carrier, easy.

Kuat Tire Strap Extender

Tire Strap Extender for extending the rear tire strap on our NV, Sherpa, and Trio racks for use with fat tire bikes and deep dish wheels.

Yakima Heavy Duty Straps

Yakima Heavy Duty Rack Straps are padded and will keep any load under control. The Yakima Heavy Duty straps are each 16 feet long and protect your vehicle and load with padded buckles.

Thule 5075 Extended Length Hardware Kit

The Thule 5075 Extended Length Hardware Kit provides replacement hardware for Thule cargo boxes allowing them to fit oversized vehicle factory crossbars.