Yakima 4 Pack SKS Cores

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Product Code: 207204


Yakima locks offer complete locking and security solutions for car racks including bike, surfboard, canoe, kayak, ski and snowboard racks. Yakima's Same Key System (SKS) lock cores lock and unlock with the same key.


  • Includes 4 Yakima lock cylinders and keys
  • Same Key System secures all your lockable Yakima accessories with a single key
  • You can buy what you need or anticipate growth!
  • One key to unlock everything
  • Enter your lock code in your order comments to match your current Yakima locks
  • Matching lock cores can take up to 2 weeks, should we not have them in stock, as they are special order from the manufacturer


Weight: 0.27lbs

Length (carton): 9"

Width (carton): 4"

Height (carton): 1.5"

UPC: 736745072049

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Product works as advertised after your able to find a control key. The control key is required to install the locks. Did I mention that the control key isn't included? Look close, it's not in the picture is it! Kit is supposed to come with three keys. FAIL

Scion 2006


Product is as advertised when you get a hold of a control key that is required to install the locks. Did I mention the control key doesn't come with the kit? It's not in the picture is it! Three keys total are supposed to come with each kit. FAIL

2006 Scion xA

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