Kuat Cargo Baskets

Kuat Cargo baskets are the perfect addition to any off-road vehicle. Store your dirty gear, spare tire, jack, shovel, and more. Find the best size and style of cargo basket from the products below.

Kuat Skinny Cargo Basket

The Kuat Skinny Cargo Basket's distinct design provides the same load surface as other "fat" baskets while leaving more usable cross bar space. 2 length settings for more carrying versatility.

Kuat Vagabond X

The Kuat Vagabond X is a stylish roof cargo basket with a built-in skewer mounting system for carrying 2 bikes along with all your other cargo. Features include locking mounts and real copper decals.

Kuat Vagabond 2-Bike Cargo Basket

Destined for the path-less-traveled that is the road in life, this misunderstood rogue is ahead of his time with the first skewer mounting system to be built-in on a roof basket. Carry your gear and bikes, with one rack!

Kuat Xtender Extension with Load Bars

The Kuat Xtender Extension with Load Bars adds 21" to the Vagabond X basket for increased carrying capacity and comes with burly load bars for all your other toys. Nothing needs to be left behind.