Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike

Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike
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Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 109002


The Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike offers reliable bike transportation, high strength cable attachments and narrow cradle arms. Patented No-Sway cage for added support and molded rubber pads all combined for added protection and support.


  • Durable molded construction for secure bike transport
  • High strength cable attachments for a more stable hold to the vehicle
  • Quick and easy mounting with patented FitDial and oversized ratcheting knobs
  • Narrow cradle arms hold bike frames including smaller children's bikes and fold when not in use
  • Patented No-Sway Cage to prevent bike-to-bike contact
  • Molded rubber pads for protection of trunk and hatch on vehicle
  • Integrated locking cable to secure bikes onto rack


Weight: 24lbs

Length (carton): 26.5"

Width (carton): 24"

Height (carton): 8.5"

UPC: 091021900295

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Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike
0 -

1. How many bikes? If you want to transport two bikes, you need the Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike rack. The distance between adjacent bike cradles is too small for full size bikes to be transported side-by-side without touching and bumping into each other. Two bikes on the first and third cradle of the 3-bike rack will do just fine. The 2-Bike cradle is only good, if you are planning to transport one bike only. There is no way to put three bikes on the 3-Bike rack without bumping and scratching them on your way, unless you use lots of extra padding on various parts of the bikes. The padding would have to be solidly installed so that the wind would not remove them at higher speeds. Installing the extra padding would also be a very time-consuming process. You don't need that. If you want to transport three bikes, you've better go with a roof bike rack. 2. Installation problems If your car has continuous plastic cover across the back of your trunk lid, then the lower bottom hook is too narrow ands too short to safely attach to the bottom edge of the trunk lid. Alternative attachments are suggested in the THULE Raceway Platform Fit Guide. For example, the 2003 Chevrolet Impala owners are encouraged to "Set lower clips/hooks on top edge of the metal bumper struts." That is underneath the car, where the parts are exposed to dirt, stones, gravel, and rust. It also requires that the braided steel ratcheting cables together with the cable cover be bent at sharp angles over a sharp metal parts of the bumper assembly. This is not good, as this type of cable and its cover will be quickly damaged while sharply bent under higher tension. 3. Bike cradle pads The pads are too narrow for some newer models of bikes with flat top tubes. This requires some soft padding around the top tube to protect it from scratches and pointed pressure - especially with the carbon frame bikes. Such padding increases the diameter of the top tube and results in insecure attachment of the rubber straps to their cradles or to the no-sway cages. The bike cradle pads and especially the no-sway cage are not soft enough and will scratch or mark the bike frames, especially the more vulnerable carbon frames. 4. The ratcheting knobs They require a considerable strength to tighten the cables and securely attach the rack to your car. 5. The new 9002XT model In this model, the two bike arms are separate and separately adjusted. This is similar to the old Saris trunk bike carriers in which the arms had an inward-outward play and were hard to keep parallel. I prefer the one-piece and more solid solution of the older models (and the older model price, as well.)

2003 Chevrolet Impala

Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike
0 -

I am short and thus a roof carrier was out. I was not interested in a hitch system either. This has worked out great, it is sturdy I can still drive 120 km/h . No scratches so far and after a little bit of training, the rack is easy to mount. Great quality. I do recommend to read the instructions and yield to the recommendations that are made on this product.

2008 VW Golf

Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike
0 -

I bought this rtack and could not be happier. It is rock solid. I have been moving my bike to and from Cincinnati 350 miles away. No noise while driving or damage to my van or bike.

2006 chrysler van

Thule 9002 Raceway 3 Bike
0 -

I am very disappointed. I assumed that this was a quality product. The first time I used the Thule 9002 bike carrier it dented my bumper in the two places that it rested on the bumper. I spent over $300 dollars with tax to purchase the carrier, and because of fear of further wear and tear on my formerly pristine one month old new car, I will not use this bike carrier again.

2012 Chevrolete Cruze

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