The Yakima HighRoller has been replaced by the Yakima HighRoller Black
Yakima HighRoller Black

Yakima HighRoller Black

The Yakima HighRoller Black has a super strong wheel tray that can hold anything from monster freeride bikes to daisy-covered girly bikes with tassels on the handlebars. The HighRoller Black features a new sleek paint job and logo treatment.

Yakima HighRoller

Yakima HighRoller
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Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 202091

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The Yakima HighRoller has a super strong wheel tray that can hold anything from monster freeride bikes to daisy-covered girly bikes with tassels on the handlebars. Get the Yakima HighRoller, Yakima's finest upright bike mount.


  • Keeps your paint job looking pretty because it grabs onto your wheel and doesn't touch your bikes painted surfaces
  • Fits any tire size, from super-skinny road tires to big, bad 3-inchers, without adapters and wheels from 20 to 29 inches in diameter
  • One easy-to-reach knob controls retention, adjustment and release
  • No problem handling disc brakes, thru axles, or funky suspension designs
  • Easy to adjust sliding wheel tray makes positioning rear wheel a breeze and fits a wide range of bike lengths, except tandems and recumbents
  • Double-sided wheel strap for use on either side of your car
  • Integrated cable lock for no-worry security, lock cylinder sold separately
  • Fits round and square crossbars and attaches to factory racks with universal mighty mounts, sold separately


Weight: 21.9lbs

Length (carton): 58.5"

Width (carton): 10.5"

Height (carton): 7.5"

UPC: 736745020910

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Yakima Warranty and Registration

Yakima warranty and product registration.

Yakima Warranty and Registration

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Yakima HighRoller
4 -

It would have been nice to know that this bicycle rack needs two lock cores when I ordered and how many inches of bar space each will take up so that I may figure out how many toys I can fit. In the 30 years I have owned Yakima racks I have had to replace all the nuts and bolts with stainless steel because of rust. If you live on the coast do it on day one.

Yakima HighRoller
4 -

great bike rack. easy to use, don't have to take front weel off. holds any of my 4 bikes ranging from my down hill bike to my road bike. only small problem i have with mine is that the red release button pops out and i have to pop it back in once in a while. does not do it often but it has done it a couple times. if it wasn't for that this would get a 5 instead of a 4.

Yakima HighRoller
4 -

I have 2, 1 of them is great and the red button works like it should. the other one I have to loosen the arm down until I can hit the release button and lift it by hand to fall past the catch point, making it useless on that particular unit.

2010 Mazda 3

Yakima HighRoller
4 -

What a great rack! I've been using a hitch rack since I started cycling in 1991. I prefer it over the clutter I was used to. Not to mention how wicked easy it is to use! It wasn't cheap (I bought two) but the quality is impressive. I believe it is a very worthwhile investment. The SKS locking system is a must with these babies. The whole setup looks awesome! People will be sweating your rack! Awesome and quick service. Thanks Rack Attack!

1998 1998 Buick LeSabre

Yakima HighRoller
4 -

No problem with red release button as dasnowman experiences. Not removing and replacing the front wheel is a big bonus. Gave one of my HighRollers to my daughter who has a 2-dr Accent so the tray cantilevers significantly off the back crossarm. Note the weight (>21 lb) compared to the King Cobra (>12 lb), which gives the rigidity for the cantilever but may be unnecessary for normal installations.

2002 Toyota & tent trailer Camry & RAV4

Yakima HighRoller
4 -

I would have rated 5/5 but found the red button to release the bike useless. But other than this it is a great rack and can carry my 45 lbs downhill bikes with no problems, it even carries my bmx and cyclo cross too. I have the Thule side arm and the high roller is a breeze to take on and off in comparison.

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