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The Thule 594XT Sidearm allows for quick rooftop loading while accommodating most bikes regardless of frame design, suspension, or wheel size. The Sidearm mounts to Thule, Yakima and most factory cross bars. Requires two lock cores, sold separately.


  • SecureHook holds the bike by grabbing the front wheel, no frame contact is made
  • Ratcheting wheel strap quickly secures rear bike wheel to the tray
  • No wheel removal required to mount your bicycle
  • Versatile design accommodates bikes with disc brakes, thru-axles and other non-traditional frame designs
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum tray provides maximum strength and rigidity
  • Fit most bike tires with a 20 - 29 inch diameter and tires up to 2.6 inches wide
  • Longer ratchet to accomodate 29" tires
  • Mounts to Thule/Yakima load bars and most factory cross bars
  • 1 One-Key lock cylinder (sold separately) locks the bike to carrier and carrier to rack
  • Rubber rim adapter for rear wheel strap


Weight: 21lbs

Length (carton): 57"

Width (carton): 12"

Height (carton): 9"

UPC: 091021086050

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Thule 594XT Sidearm Instruction Manual (.pdf)

Thule Warranty

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Thule Warranty

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Great product. Don't forget to buy two locksets as they are not included (one for rack, one for bike arm)

2016 Subaru Outback


I already own the Thule 916XTR and the 501 insta-gator for my truck. Each of these racks has worked flawlessly over the past 6 years. I purchased the 594XT for my Nissan Rogue. With pre-assembling the mounting hardware on the rack, installation took about 30 minutes and was completely hassle-free. I ride a 29er single speed and this rack holds my ride very secure and is easy to place and remove. I have never had any issues with either of my previous Thule racks and I expect the same from this version. A side note - I only buy from Rack Attack, super easy, great customer service and pricing.

2010 Nissan Rogue


Pricey, but but a great product. Installation took me about 30 min on my Thule Aero Bars. I can now mount and secure my MTB to the vehicle in a matter of seconds, and I dont have a detached tire I have to deal with. Going back today to buy another for the other side of the vehicle.

2013 Toyota Prius C


I ordered 2 594 XT bike racks, both were shy 3 parts in the box. When I called, the Thule customer rep said that they could not send out replacement parts. I must first go to the bike shop that I bought it from, they would have to fill out forms, send it to Thule verifying the request as legitimate and then Thule would review the request and after their approval would send out the missing arts within 7 days. Also, the instructions are vague and not intuitive as they do not reference the part identifier (A, B, C, etc). There are 3 different size carriage bolts that are required so it is trial and error in selecting the correct one for each installation. The customer service rep threatened to hang up on me because I could not understand why (1) the rack was shipped with missing parts, (2) why it took such a bureaucratic process to get replacement parts and (3) why the instructions were so poor. I will return the product and purchase from another company (Yakima).

2011 Mercedes Benz GLK 350


Very nice rack. Easily loaded, looks great, and a great design. Learn from my experience. Spend a few extra bucks for locks on your system and always park in a secure area.

2005 toyota corolla


i am terribly disappointed in this rack which i got as a present for our new car. the instructions are horrible, i still can't get the rear tire ratchet to work, and the carrier is a royal pain to take on and off the car. i guess if you leave your rack on all the time this is no big deal, but i do not and miss the old carrier that was a snap to install and take off..embarrassing for a company like thule to miss so badly. the rack i guess functions well, but if you take your rack off a lot i would stay away.

2011 bmw m3

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