Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack

Price: $142.00
Status: Discontinued

Product Code: 100430R

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Thule is proud to introduce the Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack, a part of the Thule Rapid Aero System. The premium range of carriers designed for the discriminating consumer. Great style, unsurpassed versatility and ease of use.


  • This item has been discontinued
  • New foot packs are designed to work exclusively with rapid aluminum load bars
  • Seamless look achieved with integrated foot and rapid aluminum load bar
  • Product range fits more vehicles than any other rack manufacturer
  • Customize rack with any Thule accessory, Xadapt kit required for certain accessories
  • Includes 4 Thule Rapid Aero end caps
  • Xadaptors are required to mount some accessories


Weight: 3.4lbs

Length (carton): 18"

Width (carton): 9"

Height (carton): 3"

UPC: 091021430976

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Thule 430R Rapid Tracker Foot Pack Instruction Manual (.pdf)

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Thule Warranty

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Very easy to use! Easily detachable with the press of a button! There is a very tiny amount of play back and forth, but doesn't affect the performance of the rack. Would recommend getting locks or anyone could come by and press the button and walk away with your rack!

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